My goodness, it *has* been a long time!

Is anybody still here?  I'm sorry to have disappeared for years.  Anyway, I'm back, and always eager to talk about Jane Austen and specifically Northanger Abbey.  I'm now the coordinator for my local region of the Jane Austen Society of North America, so I'm always searching for discussion topics for meetings.  I'd be delighted to hear some of your ideas and suggestions.

If anybody's keen to discuss the late Mrs. Tilney, I'm particularly interested in her at the moment, and what her loss means to the other characters in the novel.  Among other things, her death singles out Eleanor Tilney as the only major female character in Austen's novels who doesn't at least have a mother-figure to oversee her teenage years and young womanhood.  Why does Jane Austen do this, and how does it impact the book as a whole?
Boba who?

Northanger Abbey: The Comic: Part Deux: With Colors: And More!

Dear Readers,

I have for you something perfectly horrid.  Not content that their poor competitors have released a fine, albeit black-and-white and limited in panel design graphic adaptation of Jane Austen's hilarious gothic parody/novel Northanger Abbey (, Marvel Comics has continued their series of Jane Austen comics, which started with Pride and Prejudice - kind of meh art by Hugo Petrus and brilliant covers by Sonny Liew -  They then hired Liew to do covers and interiors for Sense and Sensibility (, an excellent choice.  Award winning comic newcomber Janet Lee (!/janet_k_lee) then lobbied to work on the project, and did a cute, if a bit uneven job on my favorite Austen novel (yes, I know I'm a traitor here, sorry modernmorland).

And now, Lee and the scripter for all the projects, Nancy Butler, have tackled Everyone (except me's) favorite: Northanger Abbey! (  However, to give the series a more gothic and dramatic look than Lee's more candy-colored covers for Emma, they've hired Julian Totino Tedesco for covers.  And they are magnificent!

I look forward to collecting these!

(Sorry for all the links - I like to give peeps the chance to look at all the images they want, but not forcing them to.  Hopefully those that wish to will explore, and those that don't will merely have news).

Nachtsturm Castle

Has anyone else read the recent Northanger sequel Nachtsturm Castle, by Emily Snyder?  I thought it was enjoyable and lighthearted, but not consistently in character.  I found myself often laughing out loud at the wit of the narration, which was very much in the spirit of Austen.  Nevertheless, my beloved Catherine was perhaps a trifle too dim, though I can certainly excuse it due to the satirical nature of the story.  A quick, worth-while read.

I'd love to hear opinions from whatever small community we have left out there!

New Salt of the Air

Two Excerpts - Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons - Mansfield Park and Mummies

Gentle Janeites!

I just posted the very first excerpt, the first chapter opening from the upcoming Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons (May 2010, Curiosities). . .

And, for your additional amusement, here are the the complete First Three Chapters of Mansfield Park and Mummies by Jane Austen and Vera Nazarian.

It might be worth noting that these are both very obscure small press releases, and while I may not have the clout of the big publishers to get the word out on these books, I certainly have the heart.

Enjoy! :-)

Emma is coming soon!

Get ready everyone--the new Emma is scheduled to be broadcast this Sunday (Oct 4) in the U.K.  It stars a number of alums from other costume dramas and Austen productions, though sadly none that I know of from Northanger Abbey.  Still, it ought to be a fun distraction!